Matte Brown Smokey Eye 

Hey Guys! 

Here is a look that's great for day or night. Being that I used all matte shadows the look has a bit of a softer look than if I were to use something more shimmery or iridescent. This is a great look to take you from day to night. If you are attending a wedding in the early afternoon but would like your makeup to look suitable for both the ceremony and the dinner and dance, this is a fab look to try... 


Here are the two palettes I used to create the look as well as the exact shadows from the palettes I used... 

I used the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay and the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. From these palettes I used shadows... 

1. W.O.S

2. Faint 

3. M5 

4. M2 

5. M1 

6. M6 

Let's get started with a step by step tutorial on creating this look...

1. Start with a clean base. Apply a lid primer that conceals any pigmentation in the lid and leaves a smooth neutral canvas to work on. 

2. Pick up Faint and #4 (M2), mix together and apply all over lid. Use a pressing motion rather than a dusting motion to get a full pigmented application. 

3. Pick up #4(M2) and #3(M5) on a fluffy blending brush and blend through the crease, softening the lid colour creating a seamless finish. 

4. Apply W.O.S as a brow highlight blending into the crease colour. 

5. Pick up #5(M1) and #6(M6) and apply these two colours into the outer corner and outer crease, blending until perfect. 

6. Apply liquid liner. 

7. Apply a soft brown pencil liner along the lower waterline and into the outer half of the lashes. This step will look a little messy, just go with it! 

8. Take a smudge brush and a bit of Faint, blend out and soften the liner you just applied on the lower lashes. 

Lastly apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes and a set of false lashes if you wish! 

Here is a closer look at the finished product... 

I finished the look with a matte pink blush and a matte pink lip - making this look totally matte. Feel free to finish it multiple other ways, using peach, coral, orange, or even a darker lip would work! This look is very versatile and can be worn tones of different ways - get creative!

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to book me for your next event!  


Too Faced Melted Lipstick 

Hey Guys! 

Hope your week is going well! Thought I would brighten up your Thursday afternoon with a review on a brand new product that I am LOVING. It is the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick...

I grabbed two shades, the Melted Coral and the Melted Peony. Other shades include Melted Nude, Melted Ruby, Melted Violet and Melted Fuchsia. Basically the product is exactly what it sounds like. Lipstick melted down into a tube. But not just any lipstick, long wearing, hydrating and deeply pigmented lipstick. Although the lipstick finishes to a matte eventually, it does not dry out the lips like most matte/long wear/stains tend to do. I'm loving these two colours - perfect for spring!

The product features a felt tip squeeze tube, great for applying directly to the lips but still able to squeeze some out onto your hand or a dish to apply more sanitarily with a lip brush. 

Here is a look I did using the Melted Peony with a light application. Another quality I like about the product is you are able to sheer it out or build it up. Allowing to create many shades within just the one colour :) 

Hope this review was helpful for you and as always, feel free to contact me regarding booking me for your next event or any other inquiries! 


NYC Skin Matching Luminizer Review 

Hey Guys! 

Thought I would just share a quick product review with you guys! I have been using this product for about a week now and I'm loving it. With spring upon us it's nice to switch up our skin care and makeup routine to include some lighter fresher products. 

The NYC Skin Matching Luminizer Foundation does exactly what it says, it blends into the skin and leaves such a nice dewy finish. I would say it has a light coverage verging on medium if you want to build it up a bit. Not only is the product great but the price point is even better! I picked mine up at Target for $4.99 (CAN).

I also love the packaging, it features an easy to clean pump and pretty metallic pink... 

Here is a closer look at the product itself, lightweight and creamy! I wear shade Medium to Deep, they are "skin matching" so it blends in really nice. If you tend to be oily be sure to set it with a translucent powder! I just leave it as is and apply my bronzer and blush right over once I've given it a minute to set. I do this because I enjoy that dewy finish although it may not be for everyone! 

Here is a look where I am wearing the foundation but I have also used a concealer on my under eye and through my T-zone to brighten and add a bit more coverage...

 Hope you enjoyed this post and as always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have as well as to inquire about booking me for an event! 


Purple and Glitter 

Hey Guys! 

Thought I would play around with more glitter today - I've been feeling glitter lately as I'm going to Vegas in May and excited to go all out glam and glitz while I'm there! 

What you will need to achieve this eye look: 

Glitter Glue by Too Faced 

A purple/pink glitter of your choice (unfortunately the one I used is discontinued) 

Sketch by MAC (dark purple)

Beautiful Iris by MAC (lavender with an iridescent sheen) 

Naked Basics Palette 

1. Apply Glitter Glue onto the center of the lid. Then pick up your glitter on a flat synthetic brush and press it onto the lid where you applied the glue. 

2. Apply Sketch onto the inner and outer corners of the lid. 

3. Blend out Sketch and soften the colour into the crease connecting the two over the glitter. 

4. Apply Beautiful Irish onto the tear duct blending up along the crease. 

5. From the Naked Basics Palette apply Naked 2 (soft grey) into the crease softening Sketch and helping to blend out the look further. Also apply W.O.S as a brow highlight. 

6. Apply liquid liner and lashes! 

7. Mirror the top lid by applying sketch along the lower lash line only on the outer and inner edges. 

8. Pick up a bit of Glitter Glue and glitter and press a few sparkles onto the center of the lower lash line. I then finished this look with a bit of white liner along my water line! 

Give this look a try! It's a lot easier than it looks :) Here is a peak at the finished look... 

I finished the look with a super nude lip "In the Buff" by Too Faced and lined with Smashbox The Nude Lip Pencil in "Medium"!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to inquire about booking me for your next event, guest blogging services or product reviews! 


Step by Step Smudged Lash Line 

Hey Guys! 

Today's step by step is going to be on this eye look... 

Instead of doing my go-to liquid liner I applied a pencil liner and smudged it along the lash line for a more naturally full lash look. 

You will need...

- blending brush 

- smudge brush 

- flat eye shadow brush 

- stiff flat liner brush 

- pair of lashes 

- lash glue 

- pink/gold shadow 

- cranberry shadow 

- dark purple shadow 

- brow highlight 

- brown soft pencil liner 

Follow along with my step by step instructions!

1. Apply a pink/gold shadow all over the lid. I used a Make Up For Ever pigment. 

2. Apply a cranberry shadow into the crease blending along into the inner corner. 

3. Apply the dark purple just in the outer corner keeping it concentrated to the very outer crease. 

4. Apply a brown soft pencil - I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil Liner. Make sure to lift your lid and apply this deep into the root of the lashes. 

5. Take a stiff liner brush and blend the liner out smudging slightly and dragging out into a slight wing. 

6. Apply false lashes! 

7. Apply a highlight into the inner tear duct and on the brow bone! 

Here is a peak at the entire look... 

Hope you guys enjoyed and as always feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have about this post, booking me for your next event or inquirying about free-lance blogging/product reviews!